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Social Media: It’s not the size, but how you use it

Have you ever seen a social media page with hundreds of thousands of followers and wonder how they get that many people to buy their products and services? Surely they must be making a truckload of money right?

Not necessarily. Not all social media accounts are equal, and even the most popular ones often don’t generate sales. And there’s a simple reason why. Most of their followers aren’t in the position to buy from them.

When is having more followers a bad thing?

Let’s say you are a fish and chip shop operating in the south of Sydney. One day you decide to open a Facebook account. You post specials, new menu items and even a few memes, and all of a sudden you have quite a large following. Yet there is no increase in foot traffic in your store, and it remains this way for a while. So where did you go wrong?

On closer inspection, you find out where your audience is, and you notice that most of your followers are in North Sydney, with a few sprinkled across the globe. Realistically, these aren’t customers, the distance means they won’t be walking in anytime soon. This principle doesn’t just apply to location but applies to any demographic that separates buyers from non-buyers.

It’s better to have 10 followers who are in a position to buy, as opposed to 1000 followers who simply follow for the content.

A prime example of this is the FB account for Virgin Radio Lebanon. The page itself has over 14 MILLION followers which it has grown through the usage of relatable memes. For reference, the population of the whole of Lebanon in 2016 was just under 6 million, and it’s unlikely that it’s optimised to it’s target audience. It must be close to impossible for their Social Media Manager to gauge true engagement, or even to inform people about promotions.

How do I get the right followers?

While social media pages do develop a mind of their own at times, you can control how that audience develops to an extent. There are 3 simple things you can do:

  1. When paying for Facebook/LinkedIn adverts, make sure to target by locations/interest groups that are relevant to your target audience
  2. When posting content, make sure the content is relevant, or even just relatable to your audience
  3. When building your audience, ensure that the activities and promotions that you’re pushing out will be within the interests of your target market

Simply sticking to these principles will ensure that you’re getting followers the correct way, and will ensure every follow, favourite and like is meaningful.

My name is Peter; I’m a marketing consultant by day and a writer by night. If you’d like to find out how I can help your business grow, send through a contact form and we can have a FREE 15-minute chat.

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