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Trust in your business – Why is it important?

Picture this: You’re having a conversation with someone and they mention that apple cider vinegar is a great treatment for indigestion. Picture this conversation with each of the following people:

  • A stranger
  • Someone on the internet
  • A close friend
  • Your family doctor

Who are you most likely to believe? Everyone has varying levels of scepticism, but out of the group you’re more likely to trust your doctor or your friend. That’s not to say the information you get from strangers is unreliable, but the source is what matters most.

Why is this important?

Ultimately your business fills a need in society. You solve a problem for your clients. The information you’re giving out is reliable. Yet sometimes your message is met with scepticism, or it doesn’t gain traction. Why?

Trust comes from two distinct areas:

  • Expertise in subject matter
  • Wanting what’s best for the other party

Think about the examples that we went over in the scenario above. It was likely the advice given was more believable when it comes from the doctor and the friend. The reason the doctor is trustworthy is because they have a particular expertise, this is what they do, this is what they study, this is something their experience and education backs them on. Likewise, you’re likely to listen to your friend who you perceive to have your best interest at heart.

How does this apply to your marketing activities?

Trust in your product or service is invaluable, it makes purchasing much easier for your customers. Customers are more likely to purchase from trusted providers, especially when they have a proven record or reliable service. Studies have shown that trust expertise and social standing directly influence how willing someone would be to purchase, and how willing they will be to re-purchase.

If you want to build trust, try adding these elements to your business:

  • Put case studies on your website. Articulating your real-world results show that what you do works.
  • Encourage positive testimonials on Google, Yelp and Facebook. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn. Poor reviews will hurt your brand, strong reviews will encourage people to buy.
  • Ensure your customers and clients leave with a good experience, word of mouth is very powerful at growing a business.
  • Write thought leadership pieces about your speciality areas and share them with your networks. Make sure these are well researched and appropriately sourced, back it with proven scientific articles.
  • Show your commitment to meeting the customer’s needs when you are face to face
  • Ingrain the passion and the belief in your organisation’s mission into every touch point. Over time, this belief will be cemented in the minds of your clients

As the week rolls on, I’ll go through each of these in detail, and show you how you can grow your business using these.

My name is Peter; I’m a marketing consultant by day and a writer by night. If you’d like to find out how I can help your business grow, send through a contact form and we can have a FREE 60-minute chat. This post is Part 1 in the Trust Series, where I go through ways you can build a stronger message to your market.

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